Places to Visit in Finland for once in a lifetime experience

Places to Visit in Finland for once in a lifetime experience

Finland remains in the unknown corners of Europe. However, it has plenty to offer. From its unspoiled cultural charm, a historical endowment to natural surroundings, Finland has everything. Moreover, it is nothing short of Pandora’s box. One cannot specify the places to visit in Finland. However, it is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Some of the best places to visit in Finland are listed below.



Undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in Finland. Additionally, it is the country’s capital. If Helsinki looks a lot like St. Petersburg, it was due to replicating the Russian city’s style in 1812. Some common attractions include,

 1) Sea Fortress Suomenlinna.

 2) Temppeliaukio Church.

 3) Seurasaari Island and Open-air museum.

 4) Helsinki cathedral.

 5) Old market hall.

 6) Kamppi Chapel of Silence.

 7) Uspenskin Cathedral.

 8) Helsinki Tram system.

 9) Oodi Central library.

 10) Ateneum.

Therefore, Helsinki has so much to offer. Such as the site for the 1952 Olympics. Additionally, countless museums and galleries are worth the visit. Notably, the National Museum of Finland. It is a great tourist attraction.


Why is Rovaniemi one of the Best Places to Visit in Finland?

The beauty of Lapland can only be experienced in Rovaniemi. Moreover, it is the ultimate gateway for scenic lovers. In WWII, Rovaniemi was destroyed. It is now the center of architecture and culture. Additionally, Rovaniemi is the official Finnish home for Santa Claus. There is a Santa-themed amusement park for the visitors to enjoy. Some notable destinations include,

 1) Arktikum

 2) Santa Claus village.

 3) Santa Claus office.

 4) Angry Birds park.

 5) Santa Claus secret forest.

 6) Pilke Science Center.

 7) Lordi’s Square.

 8) Ounasvaaran Hiihtokeskus Oy.

 It is one of the famous places to visit in Finland.



It is a small and charming historic destination located in the middle of lake Saima. St. Olaf’s castle is this place’s popular destination. Built-in the 15th century, it withstood the test of time. Still today, the castle remains intact and mostly furnished. Other noteworthy destinations include,

  1) Opera festival.

 2) Savonlinna Museum.

 3) Savonlinna Market Place.

 4) Olavinlinnan Musta Pässi

 5) The Spirit of the fortress.

 6) Pikkukirkko

 7) Savonlinna Cathedral.

 8) Savonlinna Hero statue — The Hero’s Grave.


Finnish Lakeland

There are 55,000 lakes in Finish Lakeland and hence the name. Moreover, the region is bounded by central and eastern Finland. It is courted by the Russian border and the stunning Salpausselkä Ridges. The largest lake in the region is lake Saimaa. Visitors can boat, swim, hike or enjoy the experience. Other worthy attractions include,

 1) Kummakivi, balancing rock.

 2) Route 62.

 3) Repovesi National Park.

 4) Lake Paijanne.

 5) Punkaharju ridge area

 6) Ravintola Kuappi

 7) Ukko koli.

 8) Pujo tower.

 9) The Quiet People.

 10) Oulanka National Park.

Finnish Lakeland is truly amazing. It has amazing sights and lakes all around. Finnish Lakeland is truly, one of the wonderful places to visit in Finland.

This is not a complete list. Finland has just too much to offer. If someone is planning to explore this rare destination, using this list will be a good start.