All about discovering the best destinations of Namibia

All about discovering the best destinations of Namibia

Namibia is a country that has not been found by many so far. It is one of the most densely populated regions but still lies in the third-world nation, and is practically deserted while getting compared to the others. The country is known to possess some of the incredible natural wonders that travelers will be mesmerized in a while on their Namibian holidays. This also entices people to extend their stay in the country.

The stunning places to visit

The list of some of the gorgeous places to visit in Northern Namibia remains unending. However, some of the essential places to visit in the country include VingerKlip, which also translates to “Rock Finger” as it forms a spectacular site of Ugab Rock Terraces that makes it stand out from its surrounding areas just like in accusatory finger pointing towards the sky. The visitor’s here ear can take shelter in one of the most beautiful lodges and enjoy the site in its complete grandeur. You can also buy authentic handicrafts from the indigenous tribeswomen called Damara.

Brandberg Mountain and its Gorgeous view

Just like Vingerklip, the luscious mountain of Brandberg is also located within the territory of Damaraland. This mountain is particularly famous for housing the world’s most popular rock painting, also known as the White Lady of Brandberg. The art is quite possibly one of the oldest bushman paintings ever known. However, it was discovered in the year 1980 and is wholly and off-beat track for a 2000 years old art. the art is exceptionally colorful and depicts hunters in pursuit of oryxes. However, it is the mystery of the White Lady holding her goblet, and that entices one and all.

Messum Crater

If you start traveling from Brandberg for about half an hour or so, you will come across the extraordinary Messum Crater, which is practically the essential part of the tour and gives every visitor the earth of tracking through the most imposing hole of the planet. The Messum Crater is what is left of the entire gigantic Etendeka Volcanoes. It is also famous for being the house of the most popular Namibia plant, the welwitschia mirabilis, which takes over a few thousand years to grow a pair of leaves. Your tour to Namibia cannot be complete without visiting this place.

The amazing geography

Namibia rightfully holds the supreme position of Africa’s South Western coastline, extremely beautiful and serene. It also contains some of the most awe-inspiring sceneries of entire Africa. The Caprivi Strip is the most enchanting region to impress tourists with amazing memories during their tour to Namibia.

The rivers and deserts are the main attraction of the region alongside its game Park that is sure to enchant one and all. You will find some hope the wild animals, including buffalo who do and elephants, emits the most significant natural preservation during October.

Namibia has a wide range of activities, including wildlife and nature roost water activities, sports tracking climbing working culture and history to discover during the holidays. You will have a Gala time during your tour, and that is for sure.