Exploring Papua New Guinea: the land of adventure and coffee

Exploring Papua New Guinea: the land of adventure and coffee

Papua New Guinea is the best vacation destination for every travel monger. Even the seasoned travelers will be impressed by something in Papua. The exotic scenery and the beautiful cultural traditions of hundreds of years alongside the water activities are bound to mesmerize everyone visiting this nation.

What can you explore in Papua?

Papua is an island that has a wide range of aspects to explore. You can start by experiencing a cruise to the incredible island and explore life, which is influenced by civilizations of a few centuries ago.

The Coral Sea bed

This island nation is also referred to as an underwater photographer’s paradise with some of the fantastic photographic sports that can be explored by taking dives around the Islands. While taking a plunge beneath the sea’s depths, you can explore a wide range of coral walls and gardens, different wreck sites of World War II, and a fabulous bed of seagrasses. The water around the island is warm throughout the year. It makes the diving activities available all around. This exotic coral reef area is also a house to some of the most colorful fishes in the world. Scuba diving is a popular activity in the Islands.

Jungle trekking

Jungle trekking through the formidable wilderness is also a popular activity of the island. So if you want to level your skills, you can take a track for a hike through the mountain areas of the island and be enthralled with the beautiful views and volcanoes around you. You can also hire a private guide to take backpacking across the Jungle and explore World War II artifacts hidden throughout the Islands.

Fabulous wildlife

Papua New Guinea is also famous for fantastic wildlife that includes birds of paradise. There are nearly 40 different species of amazingly colorful birds on the island. You can always take a guided tour through The Island and indulge in bird watching in the rainforest to spot some of the gorgeous and colorful birds.

An adventure lover’s paradise

If you have a neck for adventure, you can always indulge in water rafting in the Islands. If you have an adrenaline rush that needs to be satiated through experience, you can still connect with the different companies providing such adventure activities on the island throughout the year.

The final words

Papua New Guinea is sure to enchant everyone through its amazing culture and the aboriginal people residing there. While modernization is posed all over the world, this small island nation still subsists on farming and depends on rich culture that is a part of the place for hundreds of years. You can explore the rich culture and indulge in adventurous sports of the nation and satisfy your reading for adventure over a vacation quickly. So do not wait further. Pack your bags right away and head on for your next tour. Alternatively, you can also consult your travel agents and find the best packages on the internet.