Chile’s Torres Del Paine

Chile’s Torres Del Paine

For your awe and wonder, Chile presents its magical land of volcanoes, lakes, glaciers, and gauchos found in the iconic Torres del Paine National Park. This breathtaking banquet of beauty and wildlife was deservingly voted the 8th wonder of the world in 2013, making it a must-see destination. While you can see all the sights in one day, it is best to take a week off to experience each of the significant sites. It is an excellent place for people who love nature, breathtaking sights, and adventure or at least that’s what my boss at Commercial Cleaning in Minneapolis says. He goes there quite often.

Adventure on Every Turn

Torres Del Paine is not for the faint-hearted. The fresh air and great outdoors calls the people who love adventure. The spirit of exploration is infectious, thanks to the many thrilling activities available here. You can choose from a scenic cruise to the Grey glacier; it is the world’s second-largest contiguous ice field outside of the poles. It is a massive natural ice construction of unique beauty. Hiking this glacier is nothing short of a magical experience.

You can also paddle a kayak among enormous icebergs and experiences a scenic ride along the gentle waters. Fly fishing, cycling, and even a marathon are also available. You can also indulge in the culture by joining the gauchos for an exhilarating horse ride through the pristine wilderness.

Trekking In Plenty

This park offers some of the best trekking experiences in the world. Trekking is the most popular activity with several walking trails taking you through beautiful dense forests, magical waterfalls, and turquoise lakes. Walks vary from short and easy to extensive and challenging.

You can be sure to meet stunning views during your walks and pictures up to the Southern Ice Field. Be sure to bring a good camera with you as this is one of the most photographed places in the world. Daylight extends to up to 17 hours in the summer, making the place vibrant and intense, filled worth natural colors and texture. Look out for the early sunrise when the Cuernos (horns) of the Paine Massif turn purple and then red in the early light.

Breathtaking Scenery

Dramatic views are on every corner you turn. Most of these are easily accessible through short hiking trips. However, if you want to find the hidden gems, challenge yourself and go on extended hiking trips. It is here that you will meet snow-dusted mountains merging with glaciers defiantly­. It is the most inspiring view a traveler could ever hope to see.

Food and Drink

A trip to Chile should not end without indulging in the cuisine and drinks. Expect different exotic flavors with every meal you take. Indulge in local favorites for a more authentic experience. Enjoy a nice glass of wine with each meal as you take in the scenic surroundings. As one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the food here is never bad, and wine is a must. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after your hike. You can also dine under millions of stars to tie up your vacation magically.…

Places to Visit in Finland for once in a lifetime experience

Places to Visit in Finland for once in a lifetime experience

Finland remains in the unknown corners of Europe. However, it has plenty to offer. From its unspoiled cultural charm, a historical endowment to natural surroundings, Finland has everything. Moreover, it is nothing short of Pandora’s box. One cannot specify the places to visit in Finland. However, it is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Some of the best places to visit in Finland are listed below.



Undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in Finland. Additionally, it is the country’s capital. If Helsinki looks a lot like St. Petersburg, it was due to replicating the Russian city’s style in 1812. Some common attractions include,

 1) Sea Fortress Suomenlinna.

 2) Temppeliaukio Church.

 3) Seurasaari Island and Open-air museum.

 4) Helsinki cathedral.

 5) Old market hall.

 6) Kamppi Chapel of Silence.

 7) Uspenskin Cathedral.

 8) Helsinki Tram system.

 9) Oodi Central library.

 10) Ateneum.

Therefore, Helsinki has so much to offer. Such as the site for the 1952 Olympics. Additionally, countless museums and galleries are worth the visit. Notably, the National Museum of Finland. It is a great tourist attraction.


Why is Rovaniemi one of the Best Places to Visit in Finland?

The beauty of Lapland can only be experienced in Rovaniemi. Moreover, it is the ultimate gateway for scenic lovers. In WWII, Rovaniemi was destroyed. It is now the center of architecture and culture. Additionally, Rovaniemi is the official Finnish home for Santa Claus. There is a Santa-themed amusement park for the visitors to enjoy. Some notable destinations include,

 1) Arktikum

 2) Santa Claus village.

 3) Santa Claus office.

 4) Angry Birds park.

 5) Santa Claus secret forest.

 6) Pilke Science Center.

 7) Lordi’s Square.

 8) Ounasvaaran Hiihtokeskus Oy.

 It is one of the famous places to visit in Finland.



It is a small and charming historic destination located in the middle of lake Saima. St. Olaf’s castle is this place’s popular destination. Built-in the 15th century, it withstood the test of time. Still today, the castle remains intact and mostly furnished. Other noteworthy destinations include,

  1) Opera festival.

 2) Savonlinna Museum.

 3) Savonlinna Market Place.

 4) Olavinlinnan Musta Pässi

 5) The Spirit of the fortress.

 6) Pikkukirkko

 7) Savonlinna Cathedral.

 8) Savonlinna Hero statue — The Hero’s Grave.


Finnish Lakeland

There are 55,000 lakes in Finish Lakeland and hence the name. Moreover, the region is bounded by central and eastern Finland. It is courted by the Russian border and the stunning Salpausselkä Ridges. The largest lake in the region is lake Saimaa. Visitors can boat, swim, hike or enjoy the experience. Other worthy attractions include,

 1) Kummakivi, balancing rock.

 2) Route 62.

 3) Repovesi National Park.

 4) Lake Paijanne.

 5) Punkaharju ridge area

 6) Ravintola Kuappi

 7) Ukko koli.

 8) Pujo tower.

 9) The Quiet People.

 10) Oulanka National Park.

Finnish Lakeland is truly amazing. It has amazing sights and lakes all around. Finnish Lakeland is truly, one of the wonderful places to visit in Finland.

This is not a complete list. Finland has just too much to offer. If someone is planning to explore this rare destination, using this list will be a good start.

All about discovering the best destinations of Namibia

All about discovering the best destinations of Namibia

Namibia is a country that has not been found by many so far. It is one of the most densely populated regions but still lies in the third-world nation, and is practically deserted while getting compared to the others. The country is known to possess some of the incredible natural wonders that travelers will be mesmerized in a while on their Namibian holidays. This also entices people to extend their stay in the country.

The stunning places to visit

The list of some of the gorgeous places to visit in Northern Namibia remains unending. However, some of the essential places to visit in the country include VingerKlip, which also translates to “Rock Finger” as it forms a spectacular site of Ugab Rock Terraces that makes it stand out from its surrounding areas just like in accusatory finger pointing towards the sky. The visitor’s here ear can take shelter in one of the most beautiful lodges and enjoy the site in its complete grandeur. You can also buy authentic handicrafts from the indigenous tribeswomen called Damara.

Brandberg Mountain and its Gorgeous view

Just like Vingerklip, the luscious mountain of Brandberg is also located within the territory of Damaraland. This mountain is particularly famous for housing the world’s most popular rock painting, also known as the White Lady of Brandberg. The art is quite possibly one of the oldest bushman paintings ever known. However, it was discovered in the year 1980 and is wholly and off-beat track for a 2000 years old art. the art is exceptionally colorful and depicts hunters in pursuit of oryxes. However, it is the mystery of the White Lady holding her goblet, and that entices one and all.

Messum Crater

If you start traveling from Brandberg for about half an hour or so, you will come across the extraordinary Messum Crater, which is practically the essential part of the tour and gives every visitor the earth of tracking through the most imposing hole of the planet. The Messum Crater is what is left of the entire gigantic Etendeka Volcanoes. It is also famous for being the house of the most popular Namibia plant, the welwitschia mirabilis, which takes over a few thousand years to grow a pair of leaves. Your tour to Namibia cannot be complete without visiting this place.

The amazing geography

Namibia rightfully holds the supreme position of Africa’s South Western coastline, extremely beautiful and serene. It also contains some of the most awe-inspiring sceneries of entire Africa. The Caprivi Strip is the most enchanting region to impress tourists with amazing memories during their tour to Namibia.

The rivers and deserts are the main attraction of the region alongside its game Park that is sure to enchant one and all. You will find some hope the wild animals, including buffalo who do and elephants, emits the most significant natural preservation during October.

Namibia has a wide range of activities, including wildlife and nature roost water activities, sports tracking climbing working culture and history to discover during the holidays. You will have a Gala time during your tour, and that is for sure.…

Surfing through the beautiful country of Uruguay

Surfing through the beautiful country of Uruguay

Are you looking for an exciting adventure away from your hectic lifestyle? How about going on a surfing adventure? If this entices you already, then the beautiful country of South America is where you should be right now.

The geographical derivations

Uruguay’s average temperature lies between 6 to 14 degrees Celsius and from 17 to 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The country rests on the Southern tip of the Atlantic Ocean with many tidal lagoons coming up into the sea, making it an excellent place for surfing during the given day.

Exploring the country

If you are planning your trip shortly, consider a few points, including what to study in the country and surfing essentials that need to be taken care of.

If you enjoy being surrounded by other services and people in general, you should visit from January to March. This is the ideal time for you to visit the country as you can also experience carnival and have a Gala time surfing. This is also the most significant tourist season in the country.

Surfing and carnival – a perfect combination

If you choose to surf near Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, you will be able to get a glimpse of the fantastic carnivals while you are not surfing. So your entertainment is guaranteed through the day and night.

However, if you are looking more into a lot of open space to enjoy yourself, you should visit the country during April, May, and September through December. You can also visit the country in June, July, and August; however, that weather will be a little chillier than the perfectly humid and warm throughout the rest of the year. However, it will not be as cold or un if you still visit in these months.

Uruguay at its best

If surfing is just one part of your travel list and you plan to explore more of Uruguay during your holidays, you can do so quickly in the La Aguada, situated near Rocha Uruguay, which is a top surf spot for the beginners. It also has a lot to offer in terms of the serene beauty of the nation and abundant food. You can also opt to visit La Barra Uruguay, which is situated near the Punta Del Este. However, you can experience an intermediate or advanced level surfing in this location.


Uruguay has some of the most amazing sandbanks and Rocky bottoms, also known as a point break that enhances your surfing experience to a high level. The wind also comes from the north in this area, which adds to the pleasantries of surfing. This sport will keep you enchanted and exhilarated if you have a tremendous surge for an adrenaline rush in you. You can make amazing memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. So if you are still giving it a thought, check out on some of the lucrative to plans to the country right away. We promise you will not regret your decision!…

Exploring Papua New Guinea: the land of adventure and coffee

Exploring Papua New Guinea: the land of adventure and coffee

Papua New Guinea is the best vacation destination for every travel monger. Even the seasoned travelers will be impressed by something in Papua. The exotic scenery and the beautiful cultural traditions of hundreds of years alongside the water activities are bound to mesmerize everyone visiting this nation.

What can you explore in Papua?

Papua is an island that has a wide range of aspects to explore. You can start by experiencing a cruise to the incredible island and explore life, which is influenced by civilizations of a few centuries ago.

The Coral Sea bed

This island nation is also referred to as an underwater photographer’s paradise with some of the fantastic photographic sports that can be explored by taking dives around the Islands. While taking a plunge beneath the sea’s depths, you can explore a wide range of coral walls and gardens, different wreck sites of World War II, and a fabulous bed of seagrasses. The water around the island is warm throughout the year. It makes the diving activities available all around. This exotic coral reef area is also a house to some of the most colorful fishes in the world. Scuba diving is a popular activity in the Islands.

Jungle trekking

Jungle trekking through the formidable wilderness is also a popular activity of the island. So if you want to level your skills, you can take a track for a hike through the mountain areas of the island and be enthralled with the beautiful views and volcanoes around you. You can also hire a private guide to take backpacking across the Jungle and explore World War II artifacts hidden throughout the Islands.

Fabulous wildlife

Papua New Guinea is also famous for fantastic wildlife that includes birds of paradise. There are nearly 40 different species of amazingly colorful birds on the island. You can always take a guided tour through The Island and indulge in bird watching in the rainforest to spot some of the gorgeous and colorful birds.

An adventure lover’s paradise

If you have a neck for adventure, you can always indulge in water rafting in the Islands. If you have an adrenaline rush that needs to be satiated through experience, you can still connect with the different companies providing such adventure activities on the island throughout the year.

The final words

Papua New Guinea is sure to enchant everyone through its amazing culture and the aboriginal people residing there. While modernization is posed all over the world, this small island nation still subsists on farming and depends on rich culture that is a part of the place for hundreds of years. You can explore the rich culture and indulge in adventurous sports of the nation and satisfy your reading for adventure over a vacation quickly. So do not wait further. Pack your bags right away and head on for your next tour. Alternatively, you can also consult your travel agents and find the best packages on the internet.…

Best Places to Travel in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its charming beaches, beautiful culture, modern architecture, and splendid alleyways. The charming city of Barcelona is ideal for a summer vacation or a family trip.

No doubt, it is among the most famous and favorite travel destinations located in Europe.

Barcelona is situated in the Spanish Kingdom but it has some Catalan roots and it also hosts amazing architectures as well.

If you are planning to travel in this place then it must be hard to select the top tourist attractions from a huge number. So, to solve this problem and to consume your time we have prepared a shortlist of the best places to travel in Barcelona.

I am sure that this travel guide will help you a lot while finalizing your trip to Barcelona.

Let’s get started.

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

The Basilica is popular and well known as Europe’s continent with a wide range of churches. UNESCO listed Basilica of the Sagrada Familia as the best places to travel in Barcelona.

It is located on the northern side of the city.

You will be surprised to know that this church is being surrounded by almost 18 colossal spindly towers that add an alluring charm to the overall appearance of this place.

The first thing here that will grab your attention is the overall appearance of the exterior section of the church.

The exterior of the church highlights the birth of Jesus and the hardships that he had to face during his life and all that.

While on the other hand, the interior of the church looks stunning as it has a ceiling that is fully decorative and surely attention-grabbing.

If you want to enjoy a day trip here then make sure to enter this place in a time period of 9 am to 7 pm. 

The entry fee for Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is 14 Euro.

Casa Mila

Casa Mila is also known as La Pedrera among the locals there. This place is an architectural masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi. It was constructed between the years of 1906 to 1912. The remarkable structure reflects a sensational piece of sculpture as compared to a building because it showcases curved facades.

Other factors that make this place worth visiting include its plant shaped balconies and unique windows of rounded shape. 

The spectacular building of Casa Mila is also a well-known cultural center in Barcelona. The Fundacio Catalunya also organizes a lot of events each year. If in case you are in search of some awesome places to explore in Barcelona during your trip then Casa Mila is highly recommended. 

The exact location for this place lies in 261 to 256 Carrer de Provenca, Barcelona.

You can visit this place in a time duration of 9 AM to 9 PM.

One major drawback is that you can’t visit this place for free, as it requires a small entry fee. So if you want to explore Casa Mila make sure to bring entry charges of 21 Euros as well.