What To Use To Unclog A Toilet

Unclogging a toilet is one of the most basic and useful household maintenance tasks click here, especially if you have children. There are several things you can use to unclog the toilet yourself, depending on how badly the toilet is clogged. It’s not a clean or pretty job, but it can be done quickly and easily.


Also referred to a “plumber’s friend” or “plumber’s helper”. They can be found inexpensively in nearly any store that would have a household section. In this case, it doesn’t matter what brand it is, or how much it costs. They all do the same thing.

First, put the plunger into the toilet, push straight down on the stick until bubbles release from the rubber bottom part. This will ensure a tight seal and make suction more effective. Next, pull up making sure the suction remains strong. Do this a couple of times then flush toilet. The clog should be dislodged and flush normally.

Plumbing Snake

If your clog is not responding to the plunger, it might take a plumbing snake to dislodge your clog. These can be rented at any home store or if you know a guy (or girl), you could borrow one. This is basically a long coiling cable that goes deep into the drain to dislodge stubborn clogs. Unwind the snake enough to put it into the toilet hole, visit http://toiletadvisors.com/. Keep unwinding until you feel resistance, turn the crank until the clog moves. Then crank up the cable and pull out the snake.

Call A Friend

If you can’t get the clog dislodged using a plunger or snake, call a friend who might be able to help you. Sometimes the clog can be stubborn enough to require an extra pair of hands. If all else fails, call a plumber. This is the most expensive option so trying the plunger and plumbing snake is your cheapest and often the most effective method.


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What to Do If Your Teenage Son Hates You

Teenagers can be hard to deal with sometimes. No matter how much a parent does for them teenagers can still get angry. Teenage sons can get so made that their parents think that they hate them. There are some things that a parent can do to try to open lines of communication.

Let Them Talk

portrait of a teenage boy, self confident

portrait of a teenage boy, self confident

Find out ways on how to talk to your teenage son. When you are trying to talk to your teenage son you may end up giving them a lecture. Many parents do this without even realizing it. Allow your son the chance to speak and do not interrupt them. Keep on eye on their nonverbal cues including hand and eye movement. Teenagers often get made because they feel their parents do not understand them. Try to explain to them the reason behind your choice and state that you care about them and only want the best for him.

Start Conversations

Many teenage boys will answer questions with a yes or a no answer. To avoid this from happening ask open ended questions. This way they will have to at least use a sentence to answer you. Also ask questions that are specific. Instead of “how was your day?” ask about thing such as “how did your math test go?”. This way your son will see that you take notice into things about his life. After some time he will begin answering you.

Give Him Some Space

Teenagers value their privacy. While it is important to know where your son is and what he is doing do not put too much pressure on him. When he is at home allow him to go to his room and do not disturb him. If he is going out what his friends but sure to know where he is and what he is doing but do not lecture him. This will show your son he has some privacy and he will respect you for that.

As a parent you did not do anything wrong if you feel that your teenager hates you. Find out the exact reason why my teenage son hates me. Teenagers are going through an awkward phase and may not know how to express what is on their mind. Approach them with patience and understanding. One day your son will realize he has parents that care about him and how lucky he is.